The Former Officer Reserve Training Center (Ex Centro General de Instrucción de Oficiales de Reserva (CGIOR))

The military building was used as early as 1968 as a clandestine torture center and prison. With the installation of a plaque on June 21st 2018, this dark history will not be forgotten.

The impetus came from María Ángeles Michelena and Adriana Cabrera, both relatives of missing bank employees. They want to call attention to the fact that the CGIOR was a place where unionized bank employees were detained and then distributed to other prisons. Their aim is to invalidate the justifications for the use of force by the state by showing that persons who were declared enemies of the state, and thrown into prison (some still missing) were simply unionized bank employees.

The plaque stands in the context of reminders of places connected with crimes and resistance. The labelling of military facilities, prisons and torture centers where the crimes during the dictatorship were committed, help to come to terms with the past. The plaques show where the crimes were committed.