For many years the painter and sculptor Jürgen Wilms has travelled to Uruguay. He soon realized that the debate about the dictatorship and its consequences was and still is an ongoing issue, especially for those affected. There are also people who want to draw a final line under this topic and a generation born after the end of the dictatorship that knows very little about it. From his experiences with the long and complicated process of reassessing a troubled historical past in Germany, comes the motivation to support the Uruguayans with this task.

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The historian Sonja Wegner has dealt with the consequences of state crimes against their citizens. In this connection, Uruguay was the receiving country for fleeing German Jews and others persecuted by the Nazi regime. Some emigrants and their families were again threatened by the Uruguayan dictatorship, like Ernst now Ernesto Kroch, who chose the Federal Republic of Germany as exile. Sonja Wegner’s role will be the coordination of the documentation and the preparation of the content for the monument.

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