Un Monumento – Registered Society for the Erection of a Monument in Uruguay
Wackenhusen 7
25797 Wöhrden
Tel: 04839 953 873


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The chairman and the vice-chairman resume the external representation of the society. (Address see above)

The society is registered under VR2086 PI, at the district court Pinneberg, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Responsible for the content : Jürgen Wilms and Sonja Wegner (Address see above)

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Homepage: Drawing © Jürgen Wilms
The idea: Drawing © Jürgen Wilms
The place: Plaza de la Democracia
Your donation: computer animated graphic: Burghard Dämmer


The Monument
Photo model: © Jürgen Willms & Sonja Wegner
computer animated drawing © Jürgen Wilms
Photo demonstration (Filmed documentation) © Albrecht Girle
Further photos model © Jürgen Wilms & Sonja Wegner


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Photo © Sonja Wegner
Drawing © Jürgen Wilms



Photos: Sonja & Jürgen © Jürgen Wilms & Sonja Wegner